National Center for Tumor Diseases

How can basic research knowledge be transfered into clinical application? How should the health care system be organized in the future? And what are the key factors for health services of high quality considering diverse patient characteristics and preferences?

Researchers of the national center for tumor diseases combine health services research and medical research to develop patient orientated and evidence based concepts of care with a focus on tumor diagnostic and treatment. Integral part of the oncological studies are randomized controlled studies, cohort studies and systematic reviews to improve health and well-being of patients and populations.

GeRDI will enable researchers to search on metadata of clinical trials and combine this results with environmental and socio-economical data. Researchers will be able to select relevant data from different sources, share this collection with colleagues and store it for further analysis. The application of computational and big-data analysis methods in the fields of public health research and outcomes research will change the way how clinical trials are designed and managed in the future. GeRDI will provide software and services for a generic research data infrastructure to support this change.

Community Fact Sheet

Research Community: National Center for Tumor Diseases

Research Discipline: Health Services Research, Evidence-based Medicine, Biostatistics, Medical Informatics

Research Fields: Clinical and Epidemiological Studies, Evidence-based Research

Research Data: clinical trials, observationsal studies, routine healthcare data, biodata

Contact: Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Schmitt, MPH, Director of the Center for Evidence-based Healthcare